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Circular economy 2021 – archipelago research projects

“From Monday 1 February to Saturday 6 February, the week of the circular economy takes place.” What do we do for the circular economy?

We took the opportunity to ask our colleague Joost Declercq: “archipelago is also closely engaged in several research projects on circular building, whether as part of the main research team, whether as part of the usergroup.”



– internal research project on circular and adaptable health care buildings (archipelago/VITO)

– part of the research team CESCo XL, research project funded by Vlaanderen Circulair, Circular Economy Service Coalition (VITO/Van Roey/Endeavour/Rebelgroup/UHasselt/archipelago)

– part of the usergroup:

‘Label Circulair Gebouw’ (BBRI)

CircuBestek (Palindroom/VIBE/C3A/VMSW)

Verzekerbaarheid van circulair bouwen en circulaire gebouwen‘ (Seco/Common Ground)

– member of the usergroup:

‘Window of (Circular) Opportunity’ (Reynaers/VITO/VUB)

To Bio or not to Bio‘ on biobased insulation materials (UGent)


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