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archipelago acquired the mission of updating and extending the Knowledge Base Sustainable Building of the Department Facility Management of the Flemish government

Together with an extensive team of expert archipelago architects was assigned with the mission to update and extend the internal knowledge base on sustainable building of the Department Facility Management of the Flemish government.

Facilitair Bedrijf

The mission runs for 1-3 years and will be elaborated in close collaboration with the administration of the Flemish Region.

We are pleased to have the following external experts as partners: D2S international (acoustics), KULeuven (LCA&LCC), Sertius (environmental legislation), Efika engineering (technical installations and energy concepts), Keppler Consulting (mobility), Socotec (technical certification) and Pixii (quality control). archipelago architects has the lead and covers the operational coordination and supervision of the content.

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