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BoostUp Center for biotechnology start-ups is completed

The Novalis BoostUp Center, an incubator for biotechnology start-ups, is completed. Located on the Novalis science park in Luxembourg (BE), the BoostUp Center is the result of a successful long-term collaboration between archipelago and inter-communal organisation IDELUX, producing creative environments for innovation.

The BoostUp Center offers a complete infrastructure for the development of future bio-solutions. A modular and adaptable structure accommodates biotech containers that function as GMP-classified cleanroom spaces. In addition to the industrial hall, the program includes offices, co-working and meeting spaces, and fully equipped laboratories.

The architecture of the BoostUp Centre combines industrial construction with more refined architectural interventions such as a large curtain wall facing the landscape, the choice for natural and recyclable materials, and the detailing of almost invisible joints in the façade.

The Novalis site is a unique approach to the industry and science park, with a strong focus on integrating the surrounding natural landscape. The masterplan designed by Matriciel resulted in a permeable site with ecological water management and a wide range of local vegetation and various microclimates that support the region’s biodiversity.

Partners: GEI, Ekium, PS2

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