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Care home at Parc de L’Alliance is completed

At the centre of the Parc de L’Alliance in Braine l’Alleud (Belgium), sits the newly completed Anima care home, offering 130 care units and 32 apartments.

The design of archipelago puts forward the wellbeing of the residents, staff and visitors. We therefore make optimal use of the surrounding, calm environment of the Parc de L’Alliance. An allotment garden, a pétanque track, a public restaurant, further support a dynamic interaction between inside and outside, to create a healthy environment.

The high-quality rooms offer from the terraces a panoramic view on the surroundings, and throughout the building, residents can find various places to meet each other, interact, and share soothing moments together. In this way, we have aimed for an architecture that offers a balance between calm and active, catering to the needs of a diverse community of residents and caregivers.

Partners: AE, Setesco, Carine Lepage, Azero, COSEP, AG Real Estate

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