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Competition won for Praktijkpunt Landbouw

For the new offices and extension of Praktijkpunt Landbouw, a research center for agriculture in Flemish Brabant, archipelago, together with Atelier T, has won the design competition. The project was initiated by the R&I team of archipelago and selected because of its integrated approach to sustainable building. Energy-efficient features range from the energy recovery from industrial machines to the low carbon footprint of building materials and the highly adaptable structure of the building.

“In the design of Praktijkpunt Landbouw we made sure that the energy demand was as low as possible. In that context, we use a ‘Performance Based Design’ methodology, where we calculate at a very early stage what the performance of the building could be and how certain early architectural interventions could influence it. After all, it is at this stage that these interventions pay off the most.” Joost Declercq, archipelago executive partner, sustainability manager

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