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Competition won for the new hospital of Tarbes and Lourdes

Hôpital Tarbes Lourdes

We are very pleased to announce that our team composed of archipelago architects (lead), TLR architects, Camborde architects and OTEIS has won the competition for the construction of the new hospital in Tarbes and Lourdes in the Hautes-Pyrénées department (France)!

This new 454-bed hospital, born of the desire to perpetuate the activities of the two existing hospitals on a single site, will integrate all of the short-stay Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics (MCO) activities of Tarbes and Lourdes.

The new hospital complex will be located at the centre of gravity of the region, on a remarkable site on the slope of a valley situated halfway between Tarbes and Lourdes facing the Pyrenees mountains which shape the horizon in the distance. The building blends into the landscape and displays a deeply human face, reflecting the quality of care in the broadest sense for people and for the environment. The hospital is also and above all designed as an efficient, flexible and evolving structure, ensuring the economic sustainability of the hospital trust in the long term and the continuity of the territorial health care provision.

In collaboration with Land’Act, Inddigo, AEC, Apsis Santé, BIMaccess, Leader Health, ID-lab, Cuisinorme, Emacoustic.

Thanks to the Centre Hospitalier de Bigorre et de Lourdes for their trust.

Programme manager: A2MO

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