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Future Liege Exhibition Halls: start of the public enquiry

In 2019 and in association with the Spanish office of Francisco Mangado, archipelago has won the first prize in the international competition for the construction of the new Exhibition Halls in Liege.

The preliminary design was approved in June 2020 and the final design last April. The public enquiry into the project officially begins on Saturday 1 May. It will close on 31 May.

Liège Expo

This project is part of a much larger project, as Willy Demeyer, the mayor of Liège, explains: “These new exhibition halls are only one element of the future Bressoux-Droixhe district, a modern and mixed neighbourhood, with multiple services, housing and commerce. All this has been studied in a global way, even it is now one piece of the puzzle that is coming together.”

Construction could start in September or October this year and be completed in September 2023.

Facts and figures

Gross floor area: 20.000 m² in two floors and technical floor

hall 0: 2.516 m²
hall 1: 5.700 m²
hall 2: 3.750 m²
hall 3: 1.021 m²
hall 4: 450 m²

multi-purpose room: 172 m²
cafeteria, a complete kitchen and restaurant: 750 m²

End of construction works: 2023

Partners: Mangado Y Asociados / Greisch / ProAp / Sweco / Matriciel / Cedia
Read the RTBF article here

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