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Green Ark completed and open to the public

The Green Ark opened to the public in May during a festive inauguration to celebrate this new addition to the botanic garden of Meise.

The Green Ark is a unique structure situated amidst the ‘living collection’ of Plantentuin Meise: a wide range of exotic plants lodged in the greenhouses that have now doubled in size. Next to the Green Ark, there is a newly renovated service building, and just behind it, the Pachthof Castle that will mark the next phase of the master plan, gradually redeveloping the botanic garden into a ecological hub for recreation and research.

A fruitful collaboration with NU architectuuratelier.

Partners: Mouton | Boydens | Frans Zwinkels | Atelier Arne Deruyter | Hertsens | Bosman Van Zaal | Deforche Construction Group | Van Poppel | Viva Pintura streetart | Flexitec liften

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