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Inauguration of Centre Universitaire Zénobe Gramme (CUZG)


Inauguration of Centre Universitaire Zénobe Gramme (CUZG) – transformation of a historic building into a centre of excellence for higher education and scientific research. The conversion was carried out by Ma² and archipelago.

The restoration of the main hall, creating multi-purpose meeting areas and new high performance glazing, these are just some of the works carried out by a multi-disciplinary team on this emblematic building in the Charleroi  ‘Carolo’ landscape, built in 1905 and listed as a historic monument in 2004.

The challenge was to create an ecosystem that fosters innovation and sustainable development by bringing together a series of high-level actors with complementary expertise. On the urban level, the CUZG project is part of the district redevelopment to create more space for pedestrians and greenery.

The inauguration on 8 September 2023 marks the culmination of almost 3 years of work, producing a bold and daring project with great respect for its heritage qualities.

Partners: BESP, Sweco, ATS.

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