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Inauguration of new entrance hall for the Centre Hospitalier Régional de Huy


The CHRH inaugurated its new entrance hall in the presence of Christie Morreale, vice-president of the Walloon Government, minister of Health, and Christophe Collignon, minister of Housing, Local Authorities and the City. CHRH was represented by president Florian Rorive, director Jean-François Ronveaux and Medical director Christophe Levaux.

Together with our colleagues from Ciplet-Blaffart, archipelago was present to celebrate this milestone, which marks the end of 15 years of working on the CHRH project.

The renovation of the entrance hall is the finishing touch to a complete restructuring of the hospital, which began with the construction of new wings for accommodation and medical activities and the transformation of existing buildings. The entire infrastructure has been brought up to the current standards of medical practice, patient comfort and energy efficiency.

The entrance hall groups together all the reception services in a serene and bright atmosphere. It is extended by an interior street lined with shops that leads the public to the various departments. In the centre of the hospital, a garden has been dug out to illuminate the basement and to enhance the services.

The extensions were carefully integrated into the urban context and the city’s typical Mosan architecture. Clay-coloured brick alternating with stainless steel panels make up the facades. The variation of volumes and alignments allow light to penetrate the streets surrounding the hospital and define public spaces accessible to pedestrians.

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