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Inauguration of the Integrated Oncology Centre (CIO) at the University Hospital of Liège

CIO Liège

The University Hospital of Liège has inaugurated a new Integrated Oncology Centre (CIO), named the Arsène Burny Cancer Institute, in the presence of Nicolas Van Oost, archipelago chairman, Françoise Haumont, archipelago managing partner and Erik Cooremans, civil engineer architect and project leader.

The Integrated Oncology Centre is an ambulatory tumour treatment centre located on the striking site of Sart-Tilman. Largely open to the valley, the building gathers all the specialties related to cancer (screening, treatment, psychological follow-up, day hospital, radiotherapy and wellness centre) and brings these care services together in a setting bathed in natural light. The integrated centre favours the interaction of all the competences available at the University Hospital Centre, both clinical and translational research.

In collaboration with: Sweco, SGI


copyright photo 1: Steven Massart – 2-4: Gilles Alonso

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