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MPI De Kerselaar 2020, Overijse – Competition won

Situated in a park between the busy Brusselsesteenweg and ‘Drogenbos’ residential street, De Kerselaar is a non-profit organisation offering housing and care services to adults with a disability. A former convent, located between the existing residences and the old chapel, will accommodate space for new residences, a multifunctional room and day activity centre.

This new development offers the opportunity to enhance the link with the outside world in a subtle and safe manner; the view of the old chapel will be restored and accessibility of the park improved.

The first building, small in size, featuring a warm and inviting look & feel, will house the new residences. The interior will maximise natural light and offer views of the park. The residences have a functional and wheelchair-accessible design, without compromising on the homey atmosphere.

The second building, featuring a transparent design, will house the day activities centre and the multifunctional room. A winter garden and indoor terraces will provide the fragile target group with a pleasant area to work and spend time.

archipelago | ar-te fully understands the exciting challenge inherit to this socially relevant project, based on the shared goals of the commissioning party and designer. It is a project that takes its care aspect seriously, that provides the necessary ‘space’ and that is an integral part of the local community, both today and in the future.

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Designing for vulnerable people by Nicolas Van Oost


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