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Projet U – transformation of office building to town hall completed

A large disused office building from the 1970’s, located at the southern edge of Brussels, is now transformed to a vibrant town hall for the municipality of Uccle. Designed by archipelago, this town hall offers space for 450 public servants and connects to the neighbourhood by opening up a lush green garden.

“I am very proud that we have succeeded in rehabilitating a previously empty building from the 1970s. This project, moreover, received the be.exemplary award from the city of Brussels, which rewards construction projects in terms of sustainable urban development, architectural quality, social aspects, environment, and circular economy.” Jonathan Biermann, Alderman for municipal buildings.

The new town hall aims to be an open and inviting place that maximizes interaction between the community of Uccle and its public servants. Various workspaces allow flexible use during and after office hours. For the interiors, both the furniture and the signage were designed by archipelago. In addition to a careful renovation strategy, a pilot project using riothermia has been developed with Vivaqua: energy derived from wastewater, making optimal use of the existing energy flows and the local conditions of the site.

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