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PropTech Conference on real estate technology & innovation – Design & Build

22.04.2021 Leaders Breakfast with Design & Build experts – the construction phase*

PropTech Lab

archipelago and our colleague Coen van den Wijngaart have the pleasure to be invited to the PropTech Leaders Breakfast, exploring innovation trends in Design & Build, with the participation of Annemie De Kooning (BuildEye), Jacques Valckenaere (Rentaga), Enrico Porrovecchio (tafsquare.com), Nathalie Bisschops (Ciril), Meelis Ojasild (Planyard).

Don’t miss it!
[*For Members Only]

More about PropTech Lab

PorpTech Lab (Belgium) – Belgian community of innovators in the real estate value chain. The mission is to foster innovations in construction and real estate, and to ease the digital transformation of the industry.


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