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REALTY 2019 – New CERA headquarters wins Belgian Oscar from the real estate sector

“The best Belgian real estate projects of 2019 were awarded Thursday evening during the second edition of the Real Estate Society (RES) Awards, i.e. the Oscars of the real estate sector. The big winners this year are CERA’s new headquarters in the centre of Leuven, Tivoli GreenCity, a new sustainable residential area in the centre of Brussels, and the Chocolate Factory in Tongeren.” HLN – 19 September 2019 – Leuven – CERA’s new headquarters wins Belgian Oscar from the real estate sector

Cera hoofdkantoor RES

‘Best Project for Institutional Investors’ category.

The new headquarters of the CERA cooperative, in the Muntstraat in the heart of Leuven, won in the ‘Best Project for Institutional Investors’ category.”

The building was designed by Ghent architects Robbrecht & Daem, the Leuven-based archipelago, and Studio Roma.

De Tijd – 19 September 2019 – ‘Oscar’ for the new Cera headquarters

“The perfect symbiosis between old and new”

“This is the perfect symbiosis between old and new, as if it has always there. This respectful integration into the Leuven city centre is completed by the harmony and interaction between interior and exterior. The whole is light, stately, while simultaneously radiating an accessible serenity. The people of Leuven themselves have already accepted the building as a new piece of heritage and that is a strong achievement in an architecturally rich city centre like Leuven’s.”

Jury RES Awards

architectura – 19 September 2019 – Tivoli GreenCity, CERA headquarters, and Chocolate factory awarded RES Awards 2019


CERA – Reinvesting in the city centre by transforming a heritage building into a contemporary and open institution

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