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Renovation and extension of the Domaine du Neckersgat in Uccle – start of construction

domaine du neckersgat

On Thursday 22 September, Uccle CPAS celebrated the start of construction for project Domaine du Neckersgat in the presence of the mayor of Uccle Boris Dilliès, the team of Jacques Delens, SOCATRA, and archipelago colleagues Nicolas Van Oost, Lorenzo Alfieri and Albi Blakaj.

Domaine du Neckersgat, in the heart of Uccle, originally build for the care of world war veterans, is being transformed into a specialised centre for the elderly. The new centre will offer a capacity of 150 beds, amid a green environment made accessible to the neighbouring community.

The redevelopment of the site, including historical heritage and the park landscape, is being carried out in direct consultation with client CPAS-Uccle, the Department of Monuments and Sites – Brussels-Capital Region, the Royal Commission on Monuments and Sites, and Uccle’s municipal administration.

Domaine du Neckersgat is an innovative project committed to heritage, its surrounding nature, and the well-being of its residents, according to a holistic and sustainable vision.

In cooperation with BEL (stability), Ellyps (techniques), Beos (EPB).


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