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Start of construction for MQ-9B – a new facility on the Florennes military air base


Managing partner Iwein Meyskens, together with Minister of Defence Ludivine Dedonder, Admiral Michel Hofman, Lieutenant General Frédéric Goetynck, Director General of Material Resources and Dirk Cordeel from Cordeel Group have attended a groundbreaking ceremony for MQ-9B, a new maintenance and operating facility on the military airbase in Florennes. This new facility is designed by archipelago to house the two recently acquired Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), type MQ-9B.

The design by archipelago closely follows the principles of circular building. We chose local and sustainable materials, apply reversible building design protocols, maximize energy efficiency and look at both the assembly and potential disassembly of the facility as part of an ever-evolving and sustainable military complex.

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