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Start of construction for the circular renovation of Station Wijgmaal

Less than 200m from archipelago’s Leuven office, the former Wijgmaal station building is starting a second life entirely focused on sustainability and circularity, as the new office building for environmental organisation Dialoog and a new bar that will be operated by the Wijgmaal community.

The brick structure will be preserved as much as possible and recovered bricks will be used as infill for the new concrete structure. All finishing materials can easily be removed without damaging the original building.

Energy consumption will be minimal due to ‘post-insulation’ of the existing building and additional insulation under the roof. For the finishing, we apply a vapour-permeable clay plaster.

The new ‘Bar Rosalie’ will operate according to the same ecological principles: minimal waste and sustainable organic products. The bar will be managed by a local non-profit organisation, turning the old station building into a new hotspot for Wijgmaal’s community life.

Partners: Engelen Ingenieurs, Efika, InReBo

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