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The Post Covid-19 city: finding recovery in (landscape) architecture – a new insight

What has Covid-19 revealed about our society? What is the healing power of nature? Is a resilient public realm the vaccine against the crisis of tomorrow?

Our colleague, Tatiana Sao Chan Cheong, architect at archipelago, shares her insight on the post-Covid-19 city and resilience through (landscape) architecture.

Kop van Kessel-lo

“More than half of the world’s population live in urban areas. Since March 2020, over 4.5 billion people were instructed to stay at home to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. As a result: traffic stopped, streets emptied and we could hear again the birds whistles. The majority of people live in apartment blocks and each trip outside has become a physical as well as a mental expedition: mask = check; hand sanitizer or gloves = check. Moreover, some of us are now spending 24h in their homes and finding a balance between running kids – because schools are closed – and successful completing working hours. For some, insolation has been a very lonely and depressing time with social distancing restricting us from all face-to-face human contact, but others actually enjoy their extra free time and take the opportunity to spend time with their family, take up again ‘forgotten’ hobbies, etc. [… ]”

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