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The team led by archipelago will design the 5 new hospitals of the HELORA network

The HELORA network has the unique ambition to build five new hospitals, which will become the first integrated hospital network in Wallonia. Each hospital will be part of the care network, in synergy with the other sites – the project will bring the different sites together by promoting complementarities and integrating the particularities of each place. With this in mind, HELORA has chosen to entrust the realisation of its five hospitals, totalling almost 2,150 beds and 220,000 m², to a single team of designers.

The project designed by archipelago with its partners VK and Tractebel responds to this challenge by imagining an original open typology that has the qualities of an organic, expandable and evolving structure. Based on a set of standardised modules that can be assembled according to the context of each site, the new hospitals project an immediately recognisable and identifiable HELORA brand image.

In addition, in order to respond to current societal and environmental issues, each of the future hospitals will provide added value to its environment, a form of regeneration of the territory. The project will be deeply human, placing nature at the heart of each hospital. Several elements will combine to affirm HELORA’s strong commitment to sustainable development, such as the “zero emission” objective and the use of wood in the structure.

This new model, adapted to the challenges of 21st century healthcare, will be co-designed with HELORA’s field teams. The project will result in the creation of local hospitals that are forward-looking, on a human scale and sustainably integrated into their context.

In collaboration with: Omgeving, Forum, CoCeptio, Apsis Santé, Antares, Leader Health, AtomBIM, PS2, A-tech and A&G architectes

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