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VIVALIA 2025 Centre-Sud Regional Hospital Complex – A new sustainable, agile and Covid-proof hospital

A new important milestone has been reached in the realisation of the new Regional Hospital Centre VIVALIA Centre-Sud in the province of Luxembourg. The detailed project proposal has been submitted and the building permit application will also be submitted soon.
To meet the accelerated development of medical practices, the team led by archipelago architects designed a hospital model that is capable of constantly adapting and coping with crisis situations such as Covid.


Healing close to nature

The hospital is located in Houdemont along the E411 motorway and on the sunny slope of the river Rulles which flows below. All rooms have a view towards valley and away from the motorway. The surrounding nature is fully integrated into the healing process: an orchard, flower meadows, water in the meandering valley and pools, therapeutic gardens, a health trail. Nature is also present within the many patios spread throughout the buildings so that everyone – patients, visitors and staff members – are always in touch with the sky and natural light.

An agile and environment-friendly model

The hospital is divided into four activity centres which are linked to each other by a central street. The emergency and diagnostic departments form the technical heart of the hospital. They are directly connected on the one hand to the out-patients centre containing the day hospitals – which have a constantly growing activity – and to the wards and consultations on the other hand. A fourth separate building houses the support and logistics activities.

Each centre is independent and designed with a look and feel that focuses on patient and staff comfort. Every effort is being made from an environmental point of view to minimise the project’s ecological footprint without neglecting the quality of life in the hospital. Photovoltaic energy combined with geothermal energy and cogeneration will provide energy autonomy that practically meets the standard for passive buildings. Omnipresent natural lighting, sustainable water management, the use of natural materials and social connections with neighbouring villages will also contribute to the hospital’s inclusive and environment-friendly approach.


A new COVID-proof hospital

The year 2020 has been marked by the emergence of Covid and archipelago has demonstrated that the design of the new hospital is particularly well suited to manage a health crisis. The autonomy of its various buildings, multiple lifts, separate movement flows for patients and staff, and the organisation of departments in dedicated sectors are all factors that help minimise risks and facilitate containment. The quality of life of both patients and medical staff is a high priority: generous lounges are integrated into the care units and a large resting and relaxation area is available for staff in the hospital.

Facts and figures

The hospital will have a surface of about 90,000 m² built on a 46-hectare site, with a capacity of 660 beds which can be extended to 720 beds if necessary. A new interchange will be built on the motorway to serve the hospital complex and the support activities that will be set up there in the future.

The project team

To carry out this major project, archipelago has set up a multidisciplinary team which includes local partners associated within VecteurA, Sweco and MATRIciel who are in charge of technical and environmental issues, Bureau Greisch for the structural engineering, the biodiversity expert Green-Surf, APSIS for hospital programming and COSEP for planning and health safety management.


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