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Vivalia 2025 – unveiling the outlines of the new CHR Centre-Sud

The preliminary design of the new VIVALIA hospital was unveiled this week to the public and press. The new “CHR Centre-Sud” will redefine the regional healthcare landscape, deeply rooted in a sustainable development approach. The new building embodies an agile, modular hospital model that combines comfort and excellence in care with a an optimal environment for welcoming patients and staff. We are extremely proud and honoured to be leading this ambitious project with our VecteurA partners!


From monolith to modular hospital

Faced with the evolution of care and medicine, the hospital model must reinvent itself.

Abandoning the concept of the traditional “monolith”, the new Centre-Sud hospital presents itself as a community of very flexible and specialized buildings.

The design of the CHR Centre-Sud illustrates the new forms taken by hospital development. It represents a more efficient model that reconciles efficiency, continuous improvement of care and evolution of practices and techniques.

Modularity and flexibility have been part of the hospital project’s DNA, from defining the architectural brief to producing the first sketches. Anticipating the evolution of practices and equipment, the hospital will be able to transform itself: modular buildings and components, scalable trays, internal and external flexibility with the possibility of extension, etc.

The CHR Centre-Sud in figures:

Plot surface area: 50 hectares;

Floor area: 20 to 30,000 m² => total area: 88,000 m² ;

3 to 5 storey building;

660 beds in total, including 30 beds in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation => the capacity of the CHR Cente-Sud will be modular / expandable according to peaks in activity.

See the project in Video on TV LUX


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