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Winner of REVAPOLIS competition

The architects from archipelago joined forces with POLO Architects and Advisers to design a masterplan for Revapolis in Zandhoven. In the new Revapolis development, the former Pulderbos, rehabilitation centre for children and young people, and Hooidonk, a CM recovery stay, will offer a future-oriented stay, therapy and care facility.

Revapolis Pulderbos

Our proposal entailed a campus model with specific housing for both organisations around a shared marketplace, the ‘rehab square’ with the ‘rehab tower’. In mid-January 2019, a competition procedure with negotiations determined the final allocation.

The official kick-off took place on Friday 22 March for this new development project, attended by Jo Vandeurzen, Flemish Minister of Well-being, Health and Family, Mayor Luc Van Hove of Zandhoven, Vice Chairman Guido Helsen of LCM and large numbers of invitees from the CM Hooidonk residential care home and Pulderbos.


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Designing for vulnerable people by Nicolas Van Oost

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